Encaustic Mixed Media


Explaining my art process or even giving my medium a title has been an endeavor. I start by painting the subject in watercolor paint. This will be my study and the time I find the color, value and perspective. Sometimes the actual subject for the piece emerges far different from what I expected. Now I’ll trace the important lines from the study onto delicate rice paper and begin painting.

The  Process

First hot beeswax, distinguishing my very lightest places then watercolor, bringing attention to my brightest places. During both of these processes I sometimes use inventive tools, sponges, steel wool, or an interesting twig to name a few. This is where the art starts taking on its life and tactile expression. These steps could repeat for more than 15 layers, ending with the rice paper completely cover in beeswax.

Now it’s time to melt the wax away. With a hot iron and piles of used packing paper, news paper (this is where I catch up on the world around me) or dried paper towel (used to clean up my water spills) a piece at a time I iron over the rice paper to uncover “The Art”. For me this stage is a feeling of anticipation and surprise. After 10 or more strokes with the hot iron and new layers of paper the art has revealed itself. The finished piece may go under glass, get attached to a panel and preserved with a mixture of hot beeswax and demar resin or take on life in a collage.

Final wax layer

The final art

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