Leisa Lewis, Artist

Artist Statement

Encaustic Mixed Media is a medium that satisfies and encourages me artistically. It’s full of layers, color and texture. Delicate rice paper submerged in water and covered with hot wax contradicts  what should work, it’s unpredictable and mysterious.

The steady, light and controlled touch I use when applying the hot wax to rice paper immediately connects me to my artwork. While the watercolor on rice paper is somewhat uncontrollable and random. The effects and variables are endless. I love the final stage of melting the wax away and the feeling of surprise. When I uncover a finished piece and see its beauty and depth, I’m completely satisfied.

An Early Love of Color

As a young girl my grandpa and I would go on walks, imagine adventure end explore nature. I always enjoyed the great detail I expressed to him while explaining color. He was red-green color blind. I was as much fascinated as saddened that he couldn’t see what I did. I poured my heart into my explanation. I can’t help but feel this is where my strong emotion for color began. My attention is drawn to color and its power to control a response.

Artist Bio

At the beginning of my adult life in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana I aspired to be an entrepreneur of art. While pursuing my artwork, married to my high school sweetheart/firefighter husband and four grown children later, life took an unexpected turn.

ONE EARLY MORNING……everything changed, when two of our four children were in a car accident. One will live with a TBI (traumatic brain injury) and the entire family lives with the scars while embracing the challenges and triumphs. Therefore my art since 2010 has become a reflection of healing, awareness and compassion.

ENCAUSTIC MIXED MEDIA……came to me as an agent of change with layers, color and texture. For me this medium is a reflection of life, it’s unpredictable. I’ll have a plan and control, then the art becomes a voice and anything is possible. I paint hot beeswax onto rice paper with brushes, sponges, steel wool and occasionally an interesting twig, then infuse with watercolor. ART IS……an expression of who I am. With my experiences and in todays culture I feel it’s easy to get wrapped up in opinions, my own and others. Therefore my art is not about painstaking detail it’s easily engaged and friendly.

Creating art is a passion I’ve lived all my life.

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